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Amy’s Product Blowout Bundle Review

Amy’s Product Blowout Bundle Review

Intro: Amy’s Product Blowout Bundle Review

Amy’s Product Blowout Bundle is a collection of Amy Harrop’s work packaged together into a bundled price.

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As many of you know, Amy Harrop is really big in the Kindle publishing niche, a niche I have tinkered with a bit but never truly committed to. I have enough knowledge to get around and make a few dollars here and there on Kindle, but, I’m no expert by any means.

What I do know is that Kindle has been a very under the radar money magnet for a very long time already and people seem to either forget about the fact that people are making a killing on Kindle or are too scared when it comes to writing an ebook.

Let me tell you from experience, coming from someone who is no expert at Kindle, it really isn’t that hard to write an ebook. Let me take that a step further, you can create a money sucking ebook that could be uploaded to the Kindle marketplace in as little as a day.

So that’s really an overview of what is possible in Amy’s Product Blowout Bundle. Now that you understand more about the Kindle niche (which is entirely what this product is about) and understand it is very low competition even after years gone buy of people making money, let’s get into the review and see what’s under the hood shall we?

Amy’s Product Blowout Bundle Review: What’s In The Bundle?

Step 1:

If you decide to pick up Amy’s bundle, you will be greeted with a page that looks like this:

Amy's Product Blowout Bundle Review
Amy’s Product Blowout Bundle Review

I like the way she lists everything in steps and directs you where to go so you have an idea of where the begin and end. In her first step she lists the core of her bundle for you to easily download. After reading through Amy’s core products in step one, here is my interpretation and description of each one:

Content Intelligence: Strength Training:

This is actually very similar to the Kindle Secret Niches product and could have been one of its volumes. It shows you how to break into the strength training niche (fitness is huge) and profit from it

Content Intelligence: Done-For-You:

Three sets of done for you material that you can transform and call your own, then upload to Kindle and have your first few products live within the span of a few hours. Very useful for anyone I guess, but, especially a beginner or someone with no product yet.

Kindle Secret Niches Vol 1:

This ebook takes you through hot topics that have low competition that you can write about and is still not saturated after many years to this day.

Kindle Secret Niches Vol 2:

Just like volume 1, this ebook will take you into an entirely new niche that is mostly overlooked with little competition for you to create content around and make money with.

Publishing Intelligence Non-Fiction:

How to find non-fiction topics, how to price your books, how to validate creating content for a topic so you don’t waste time and many marketing tactics including Pinterest (a very hot way of promoting Kindle books)

Publishing Intelligence Romance Riches:

This book takes you into specific areas of the romance niche within Kindle and gives you a fantastic understanding of how much is TOO MUCH, if you catch my drift. Basically explaining what is acceptable on Amazon and how to write the best romance novels that will sell like fire on Kindle. Romance is one of the most lucrative niches in Kindle hands down.

Marketing Intelligence Non-Fiction:

This is actually a PDF resource list for you to use that has everything from example blog headers you can use to look professional to more ways to use PLR to ready-to-use PLR books you can use to create your own book from.

Publishing Arbitrage:

26 page ebook detailing how to find content gaps to write about, creating your content, publishing to other properties besides Kindle to diversify, how to use PLR, getting ready for publication, and much more. Very useful information in this particular book, one of the things most people have a hard time with is figuring out what to write about, and this book shows you how to mine for the gaps you can fill.

Kickstart Kindle Promotion:

Amy’s 10 step promotion process to get you sales as fast as possible after your book is published. This is probably the most important training in the entire bundle, because having a book sitting there making you no money is pretty useless. You have to know how to get the word out.

Unravel The Mystery:

43 page ebook going into the topic of writing and producing mystery books for Kindle. How to come up with ideas, trends, conclusions, outsourcing, and much more in this ebook.

Step 2:

Step 2 is all about holiday image packs that you can use in your ebook design (for the covers, etc.)

Amy's Product Blowout Bundle Review
Amy’s Product Blowout Bundle Review

Step 3:

Step 3 of Amy’s Product Blowout Bundle is an entire module that is basically an upsell dedicated to a product of hers called EDU Print Profits.

This step requires you to pay and is optional in my opinion, but, it does shed light on a very lucrative niche that is evergreen (people will always be trying to learn).

EDU Print Profits is basically a step-by-step guide that will expose you to what the EDU niche is, how to break into it, and how to profit from it regularly by selling to teachers and educators who need your material.

Amy's Product Blowout Bundle Review
Amy’s Product Blowout Bundle Review

The training is quick, to the point, and doesn’t have fluff which I really appreciate in an info product. I like to be able to learn as fast as possible so I can get into implementing it ASAP.

Amy’s Product Blowout Bundle Review: Is It Worth It?

If you are looking for a method you can easily follow to break into the Kindle niche and start seeing some royalties from Amazon then I highly recommend Amy’s training as she is highly regarded in the Kindle niche.

With that being said, this is a bundle of courses that covers every aspect of Kindle marketing that you would need to know. The only thing I would have liked to see more in her training is a bit more on promotional methods.

Other than that, I give this collection of products a resounding thumbs up!

Amy’s Product Blowout Bundle Review: OTO’s/Upsells?

There are two upsells – these upsells are not available for the current prelaunch and are not required to benefit from the training you get from her Product Blowout Bundle.

OTO1: 10 More Products Blowout Bundle:

An addition to the current bundle, more training, more in-depth strategies to use for your Kindle business. Worth it if you want as much knowledge as you can get – I would recommend to complete beginners.

OTO2: Author Training:

Again, additional training on how to brand yourself as a highly sought after author. Anyone can benefit from this training, but, I would highly recommend it when it is available for beginners getting into Kindle publishing.

Amy’s Product Blowout Bundle Review: My $300 Of Bonuses

If you pick up Amy’s training through my link, I will be providing you with an extensive training on the only thing that I think I would have liked to see more of in the bundle, the promotion methods and a few other goodies.

You will receive access to:

  • My Kindle Magician Automatic Book Formatting Software ($100 value)
  • My Personal Kindle Marketing Guide – This is what I personally use to see returns in Kindle in addition to Amy’s methods. I’ve never released my methods to the public ($150 value)
  • My Kindle Cash Secrets Tips & Tricks – Shows you how to diversify your distribution for maximum profits, my personal method. ($50 Value)


So there you have it ladies’n’gentlemen! I hope you enjoyed my review and if you decided you do want Amy’s Product Blowout Bundle and my custom bonuses, be sure to click through my link below to claim them. See ya next time!



In-Depth Training


Value For Price


Ease Of Implementation




Customer Support



  • Easy To Understand
  • Cheap For Amount Of Value
  • It's A Huge Bundle
  • Covers Everything
  • Great Customer Support


  • Would Like To See More Promo Methods
  • That's Pretty Much It

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