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Clickopia Review

Clickopia Review

Clickopia Review: Intro

Welcome to my review, today we’re going to be looking into a brand new software called Clickopia. This is a powerful new software that will directly be competing with another major software called ClickMagick (which many of you probably have heard of).

So what is Clickopia exactly?

Well, Clickopia is a software designed to track clicks to any link you choose. It can be used to:

  • Track how many clicks a link gets
  • Create custom rotator links, sending customers to different landing pages
  • Estimate your traffic cost
  • Filter out bot clicks
  • Create popups and timers
  • And build detailed reports to top it off

It’s very similar to the look and feel of ClickMagick and you can create custom permalinks for each link – similar to bit.ly.

Clickopia Review
Clickopia Review

Clickopia Review: Who Can Use This Tool?

Anyone running their business online can benefit from this tool’s abilities greatly, especially if you are doing any advertising.

Like I always say, if you don’t track, you don’t know.

This tool gives you the ability to know exactly what is going on in your online business, where the money is truly coming from, where the money is being lost, and gives you the knowledge to make the right decisions.

So with that being said, anyone doing anything online should be using Clickopia. It is inexpensive for the amount of power it brings your business and, frankly, it’s invaluable to have the type of data it brings.

Clickopia Review:  Who Doesn’t Need This Tool?

Anyone working primarily offline without any web properties or presence and is not running any online traffic really doesn’t need this tool.

If you are doing service based work for clients and don’t utilize a website extensively, you could skip this offer and it would not impact your business whatsoever.

Clickopia Review: Features

Let’s dive deeper into the options you have when using Clickopia:


Upon logging in you are greeted with the dashboard which gives you a birds eye view of your link stats.

Clickopia allows you to select a timeframe up to 30 days ago from present to see how links are performing in totality.

It will also tell you how many links you have running, how many rotators you have, how many pop bars, etc.. Useful for a quick glance at the progress of your work. It’s a pretty standard dashboard but is helpful nonetheless.


Next you have the reports tab which is home to all your analytical data points.

Here you are able to take a closer look at how your links are performing, track conversions, see your conversions over time, and much more.

The functionality here is quite superb and works fantastically. Honestly, I kind of was expecting something a bit more lackluster, but, Clickopia’s tracking and analytics system is top-notch.

I’m trying to look for a downside to Clickopia’s reporting system, if there would be anything faulty to point out about it and could not discover any problems. All metrics are accurate as of my testing of the links I ran.

Create New:

The section used for creating all your links, rotators, popups, popbars, etc..

Clickopia Review
Clickopia Review



Self explanatory and fully functional, works fine and easy to navigate.

My Account:

This section is where you will find the options to:

  • Upgrade/downgrade your current plan
  • Create groups for all your rotator links
  • Add custom domains for your tracking links
  • And also set exclusion filters by IP

Easy to navigate and setup, all instructions and explanations as to what does what is written for you to understand what you are tweaking.

FAQ Section:

Takes you to an article database for troubleshooting if need be


An in-depth training section with 9 videos that covers everything you need to know from beginning to end to get the most out of Clickopia.

Also has an area to email the support team (who are very responsive by the way).

Clickopia Review: Is It Worth The Money?

Considering the bang for the buck, the functionality of Clickopia, the wide array of features it has, and the ability to be an early adopter before the price goes up, yes I absolutely think it is worth the money.

As I say in all of my reviews though, at the end of the day only you truly know what is absolutely needed for your business.


That being said, tracking is just one of those things that makes or breaks profit or loss. I highly recommend picking up this software if you can afford it, otherwise, at the bare minimum, use bit.ly or goo.gl to do tracking in the meantime until you can afford to buy Clickopia.

Competitors of Clickopia, such as ClickMagick, charge a monthly fee and perhaps the biggest bonus to going with Clickopia is the fact that it has a low one-time fee of as little as $27.


Clickopia Review
Clickopia Review



Clickopia Review: OTO’s/Upsells

OTO 1 – Clickopia Triple Up / 1 Million Clicks Offer

OTO 2 – Clickopia Professional + Developer Rights Offer

OTO 3 – Clickopia Reseller Offer

Clickopia Review: My $300 Of Custom Bonuses

Simply email me your receipt at lou[at]importantdollar.com to claim your bonuses.

Bonus 1: My Bing Ads Penny Traffic Course – I’ll show you how to make profitable ads on the Bing network ($100 value)

Bonus 2: Reddit Traffic Domination – How to siphon traffic from this under the radar source ($100 value)

Bonus 3: My Instant Squeeze Page Builder ($100 value)

Clickopia Review: Conclusion

After using Clickopia and testing it for bugs or any inconsistencies, I can confidently tell you that if there are any, they are too minor for me to discover on my own.


  • Works as described
  • Has a low one-time cost (which is non-existent for this level of tracking)
  • Has a wide range of features to choose from
  • Has a beautifully laid out reporting system
  • Great training
  • A fantastic support team

I definitely recommend Clickopia who is looking for a cheap alternative to ClickMagick, or even just looking for a fully functional tracking system to begin with. You just can’t beat the amount of value you get or the power of a one-time fee.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my Clicktopia review, if you decide to pick it up, click through my exclusive link below to claim your $300 of custom bonuses from me! Catch ya next time!




Ease Of Use




Customer Suport







  • Tons Of Features
  • Everything Works Great
  • Responsive Support Team


  • A Bit Of A Learning Curve
  • More Functionality In Upsells

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