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Covert Copy Traffic Pro V2 Review

Covert Copy Traffic Pro V2 Review:

Covert Copy Traffic Pro V2 Review: Intro

Welcome to my Covert Copy Traffic Pro V2 review! I’m going to be diving into what this software is, how it works, how it can help you, and if it’s even worth using.

So let’s talk about what the software is to begin with. Covert Copy Traffic Pro V2 is actually a plugin that recognizes when a user attempts to copy content from your blog and will automatically append any link or message you designate into wherever they decide to paste your content.

Covert Copy Traffic V2 Review
Covert Copy Traffic V2 Review

This is great for a number of reasons, but, I would say the number 1 reason is that whenever people try to share your content around the web they are actually doing link building for you. You put out great content that people love and when they try to share it on the web, they are building your backlinks.

Obviously, if you are into SEO or have a blog, you most likely know how powerful backlinks and social signals are. This is a great concept for a tool, so let’s take a closer look.

Covert Copy Traffic Pro V2 Review: How Does It Work?

This plugin is extremely simple and doesn’t require many configurations. It’s really as simple as:

  1. Set your custom URL
  2. Choose to have the URL placed automatically below or above your copied content

Easy as that, Covert Copy Traffic Pro V2 is basically set and forget. One thing I will mention is that you do have to set it manually initially to use the current permalink. Once that is done, every post or page you create will have the plugin activated and ready to go.


Covert Copy Traffic Pro V2 Review: How Can It Help You?

It’s such a simple but powerful idea and I’m surprised it works so well. I’ve used it on a couple of my niche Amazon affiliate sites to test out where I’m finding increases or decreases in metrics. I’m happy to say that in 2 weeks of testing the plugin out on my niche site, I’m seeing:

  • An increase in CTR
  • An increase in social signals
  • Increased backlinks on autopilot
  • Those are 3 major ranking factors and is helping me to solidify my page rankings for no effort

Covert Copy Traffic Pro V2 Review: Is It Worth The Money?

Well, in my opinion, the quick answer is yes.

The longer answer is, absolutely freaking yes – it’s just $17!!! If you can’t afford to invest a measly $17 in your business then you aren’t going to go very far.

Seriously though, that’s like dinner for two at a fast food restaurant. This tool will help automate certain processes and get referral traffic, which is extremely important for your blogs and page rankings.

Covert Copy Traffic Pro V2 Review: Do I Need It?

That depends on if you want to do more work or less work?

If you are in a tight financial pinch and really can’t afford $17 OR you are just barely starting a blog or website from the ground up and have no traffic, then no it isn’t truly needed immediately.

If you have some traffic to your blog or website already then this will help you tremendously and you don’t have to think about it again once you set it up.

For me, I value my time and anything that will make my job easier (especially when it actually works) I will gladly use.


Covert Copy Traffic Pro V2 Review: OTO’s/Upsells

There are a total of 3 upsells and they do not directly affect the original product in any way.

OTO 1: Covert Messenger Pro V2

This is an additional plugin, separate from Covert Copy Traffic Pro V2, and generates instant messenger style ads on your blog.

OTO 2: Covert Geo Targeter Pro V2

Additional plugin, separate from Covert Copy Traffic Pro V2, allows you to price your offers in your viewer’s local currency, offer alternative payment options, show country-specific PPC ads, & serve ads in different languages.

OTO 3: WP Toolkit Dev Lifetime

Gives you the ability to resell Covert Copy Traffic Pro V2 and the other plugins you bought as your own product for 100% commission in your pocket.

Covert Copy Traffic V2 Review
Covert Copy Traffic V2 Review

Covert Copy Traffic Pro V2 Review: My $350 Of Custom Bonuses

If you order through my exclusive link, I will be providing you with my custom personal bonuses worth $350. You will get:

  • My personal video course on how you to sell more with content marketing ($100 value)
  • My personal video course on building your niche affiliate site ($150 value)
  • My explosive list building tactics video course ($100 value)

Covert Copy Traffic Pro V2 Review: Conclusion

If you are looking for an easy hands-off way of increasing your revenue for about 5 minutes of actual work, this plugin gets my stamp of approval and you should definitely get Covert Copy Traffic Pro V2.

For a very cheap price, you are basically getting automated social signals, backlinks and increased CTR on your website from real people on autopilot – you really can’t beat that.

If you decide you’d like to grab it, click below through my exclusive link and claim my $350 worth of bonuses! Just send me an email with your receipt at lou[at]importantdollar.com to receive them.

Thanks for reading and catch ya next time! Same bat-time, same bat-channel! Good luck!


Covert Copy Traffic Pro V2


Ease Of Use




Customer Suport







  • Very Simple
  • No Learning Curve
  • 5 Minutes To Implement
  • Actually Works


  • None That I Can Think Of

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