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Kartra Review

Kartra Review


Kartra Overview



Welcome to my Kartra review, many people like to compare it to Clickfunnels (another good platform that is comparable), but, in my opinion, it is more along the lines of a product like Builderall.

Kartra has too many features to simply list as it will bore you to death, but at its core, you are able to build out an entire website from scratch that is hosted entirely on Kartra’s platform (which means you don’t need to pay for hosting anymore)



Kartra Review 1
Kartra Review



Kartra Video Overview:





Kartra Review: What Is Kartra?



Kartra is a one-stop shop built specifically for marketers.

  • You can create membership areas
  • You can create email campaigns
  • You can create autoresponders
  • You can create helpdesks for your website.

Those are the main functions of what the average person would use Kartra’s abilities for, but, there are numerous subfeatures to each main category that could take pages and pages to list – everything from templatized pages to custom pricing structures for your products to an opt-in form builder for lead generation.


Who Created Kartra?


Kartra was built by the creators of WebinarJam and EverWebinar, two wildly successful platforms that every marketer who isn’t hiding under a rock knows about – Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime.

Kartra Review
Kartra Review

Topping it all off though, Kartra is backed, in partnership, with the legendary Frank Kern (arguably the largest name in the internet marketing world, the most sought-after marketing consultant and copywriter), that fact alone practically had me sold because with a name that has as much value as his, he would never back something illegitimate and ruin his reputation as the king of marketing. Even with that being said, I dug deeper for you all.


Alright, enough with the history lessons, let’s get into the good stuff…


Kartra Features


Let’s start this Kartra review off with all the features of Kartra and dissect what this platform is really capable of doing, first up, the products section:

  1. Products: The products section gives you the basic ability to add a product, but also the ability to track your sales, create coupons, and view your analytics.

  • Product creation is as simple as clicking a button, filling in details about the product, selecting the pricing structure you would like to use, setting your refund period (your money back guarantee) if you want one, setting your URLs for the product page and thank you pages, and setting your checkout and delivery pages how you like. Voila! Everything you could need for your product is setup, running, being automated, and being tracked now.
  • Ability to set your pricing structure as an installment plan, one-time fee, recurring basis, or trial run.
  • Ability to set shipping costs, and further, you can also set the costs to be different for specific parts of the world.
  • Ability to configure sales tax
  • Ability to have your checkout page be a popup on the same window, be an overlay, be an embedded form on your page, or you can use your own custom design if you have some coding experience
  • Cart abandonment tags allow you to automatically tag a customer in your list as having abandoned the cart which allows you to follow up with them in your autoresponder sequence about the products they added.
  • Ability to add 1-click upsells and downsells.
    Kartra Review
    Kartra Review

The products section gives incredible ability to control how you sell and deliver your products and is not limited to digital products, you can do physical as well. Not everyone has products ready to be sold though, and that brings us to the next feature, the affiliate section:

  1. Affiliate: This section allows you to find products to promote or add products to the affiliate marketplace all within Kartra.

  • This is a great space to get started from scratch, especially for beginners or those without a product
  • Access to affiliate links for other Kartra user’s products to promote

Whether you have a product or go the route of being an affiliate, you will always want to be building your list no matter what, and so that brings us to our next section, campaigns:

  1. Campaigns: In this section of Kartra, you have 4 options to interact with your leads, broadcasts, sequences, forms, and automations

  • Broadcasts are 1 time messages sent to a selection of your leads
  • Sequences allow you to set a series of messages to occur based on user actions
  • Forms allow you to create embeddable or popup overlay forms that you can set to be single or double opt-in and have an automated welcome message for your new subscribers.
  • Automation allows you to subscribe or unsubscribe leads from lists and/or sequences, assign or remove tags, give or subtract points from a lead, grant or revoke access to membership, and also refund an order and/or cancel a user’s subscription. This is all done based on the user’s behavior once you set it up the way you like.
    Kartra Review 4
    Kartra Review

At one point or another your customers are going to have technical difficulties and need help, and that’s where this next feature comes into play, the helpdesk:

  1. Helpdesks: Kartra gives you the ability to easily add a helpdesk to your website and customize it to be able to utilize an email ticketing system, a live chat, phone support, and Skype support.

  • Helpdesks come equipped with the ability to set canned responses.
  • Collect information about customers so you or your customer service team have complete information to provide the best possible service.
  • Gives data about what product the customer bought, when, what list they joined, what memberships they are a part of, even what emails they’ve already been sent and have opened.
  • You can have your helpdesk hosted through Kartra or have an embeddable code to use on your own site.
  • Easy ability to set the look and feel of your helpdesk with a custom marquee and logo.
  • Ability to set your available departments.
  • Ability to setup a product wiki in addition to your standard helpdesk, a great opportunity for standing apart from the crowd and helping your customers instantaneously.
  • Ability to have people who contact your helpdesk tagged, added to leads, added to a specific list, or added to an email sequence.
  • Timers that show opened live chats and how long a customer has been waiting.
  • A quality of service survey at the conclusion of each live chat that can be reviewed.
    Kartra Review 4
    Kartra Review

Maybe you want to secure certain parts of your website content to be only accessible by a specific segment of your audience, this can be accomplished in the next section, the membership area:

  1. Memberships: Kartra gives you the ability to easily create a branded website with different membership levels, secured through password protection, and different content, files, and products for each level.

  • Communicate with members through comments.
  • Automate members based on behavior.
  • Upload videos and files to members.
  • Ability to add ca ustom call to actions built-in to your videos.
  • Ability to add clickable captions linking to sales pages in your videos.
  • Ability to lock content until user shares the information on social media.
  • Drag and drop interface to build out the membership areas as you wish.
  • Easily create new categories, a custom sidebar, and content for each page of your membership sections.
  • Feature and link to any of your products.
  • Easy ability for customers to find information in your members areas with a search function and an automatically built as you go sitemap.

Membership areas are not for everyone though, maybe you don’t want your content locked, it’s still nice to know you can have secured content if you wish. If you want regular accessible content on your website it is as simple as using the next Kartra feature, the pages section:

  1. Pages: Kartra has a built-in powerful page builder to construct exactly what you want to create in no time flat and tons of templates to build from if you need some inspiration.

  • Tons of templates readily available to use and/or build from.
  • Templates for every kind of page you could need, from squeeze pages to long sales pages to product review pages to 404 pages.
  • Templatize your own creations for future use.
  • Drag and drop page builder to make your page exactly how you want it.
  • Built-in options for popups when a user arrives on a page or attempts to exit the page – templates included for these popups as well.
  • Ability to set your SEO settings like meta description and focus keywords.
  • Ability to add any pixels you want to use (such as the Facebook pixel).
  • Preview your pages and/or publish them (or unpublish).
    Kartra Review 6
    Kartra Review

When you build your membership area or your regular content pages, when you add your videos you may want some insight as to how your videos are performing, that’s what the video section of Kartra is for:

  1. Video: Kartra can host your videos and make them embeddable on any website you want just like YouTube – you can even include clickable buttons on your videos to link to your offers.

  • Easy access to analytics such as how many plays the video has received, how many visitors the video had, how many times the call to action on the video was completed, etc.

Benefits Of Kartra


In my opinion, the single biggest benefit of Kartra is the money you save compared to buying all the components Kartra has already built into it separately.

Let’s look at how Kartra could save you money by paying one fee instead of paying multiple fees to different companies providing different service (for the purposes of this Kartra review, I will be using the basic package of Kartra vs. the basic packages of third-party vendor marketing services):

  1. No more email tools like GetResponse, Aweber, or any other third-party email service and their money fees (savings of $15+/month).
  2. No more page builders like Clickfunnels, Convertri, Leadpages, etc. and their limited functionality (savings of $25+/month).
  3. No more helpdesk software for supporting your customers with no customizability unless you pay more (savings of $5+/month).
  4. No more affiliate tracking software like iDevAffiliate (savings of $39+/month)
  5. No more membership site software/plugins like MemberPress and S2Member (savings of $12/month).

Thats already $96 per month you are spending and that is still pretty basic compared to what Kartra is offering at $89/month for their starter plan that includes all of those services in one place.

Let’s say you have a Shopify store (which Kartra can replace) think about all the apps you end up spending money on – ends up blowing up your $29/month plan into astronomical numbers that are not sustainable if you want a full featured store.

The 1-click after checkout upsell from Bold Apps costs an additional $89/month, on top of your base monthly fee to Shopify, if you want unlimited product views and functionality with this app in your store. 1-click upsell is available on Kartra at no extra charge.

Besides the money you will be saving, the added convenience of having everything in one place at your disposal feels great too.


Kartra Review - Start Trial Now


Who Should Buy Kartra?


  • Already established businesses who are looking to save money.
  • Solo marketers who are paying for many of these services already and looking to save money.
  • People who want to consolidate these types of services into one place that is reliable.
  • People who don’t want limited functionality from individual services.
  • People who have a little time to learn how to navigate around in a new and simple system.

Who should NOT buy Kartra?


Newbie marketers or aspiring marketers who do not have at least a basic understanding about marketing (if this is you, I recommend you save your money and invest your time instead into learning as much as you can before you start spending and losing all your money).


How Much Does Kartra Cost?


Kartra Review
Kartra Review


How Does It Work?


Kartra is a platform that allows you to design your business from the beginning to the end.

  1. You start with adding your products, setting your pricing, setting your shipping and taxes if needed.
  2. If you don’t have a product you can choose to promote an offer from Kartra’s affiliate marketplace or build an affiliate website to promote any offer you wish outside of Kartra’s marketplace.
  3. Build your squeeze/sales/thank you pages within Kartra’s easy drag and drop interface and add your content.
  4. Create and add your embeddable opt-in forms to your content pages or squeeze pages.
  5. Use Kartra’s campaign builder to create your email sequences for your new and/or current subscribers.
  6. Optionally, create your helpdesk (creates a professional feel)
  7. Boom! You just made a full funnel that will work for you 24 hours a day. Set it up once and all you need to worry about is finding traffic to your offers.

Kartra Review: Final thoughts On Kartra


I think Kartra is absolutely fantastic and I’ve been enjoying using it for a while now. It is very similar as I mentioned in the beginning of this post to another app called Builderall which in of itself is a great tool. The problem with Builderall is that it takes much more time to learn that platform for the same results that I’m experiencing using Kartra.

Builderall, in my opinion, is like a much more technical version of Kartra, whereas Kartra is a very streamlined and simplified version of Builderall that is not lacking in any of its functionality. I highly recommend Kartra to any marketer who is looking to save money and have the convenience of having everything they need in one place. Honestly, at the price Kartra is offering this service, it’s kind of a no brainer when you line it up against the likes of Clickfunnels which costs a minimum of $97/month and doesn’t offer an all-inclusive package like Kartra does.


$753 Kartra Bonuses


If you pickup Kartra through my link I’m offering my $753 worth of custom bonuses to you that will help you kill it with e-commerce, email marketing, and driving hordes of traffic. So, here are my bonuses to you:


  • My Responsive Email Marketing video course: I’ll be going over exactly how I send the types of emails that will actually land in the inbox and get opened by your prospects. (This video course is a value of $249)


  • My Explosive List Building Tactics  video course: I’ll show you the exact tactics I use today to build a hyper responsive email list from the ground up even if you have no experience (This video course is a value of $249)
  • My Membership Mogul’s ebook: In this ebook I lay out the plan for you to follow to make a great membership site that people will happily pay you a recurring income to be a part of (Value of $49)
  • My Traffic Generation Techniques ebook: I go into detail how I get free targeted traffic to my websites and how you can copy what I do to do the same for yourself (value of  $67)
  • My Affiliate Marketing Blueprint ebook: I’ll be discussing opportunities you can take advantage of right now and build your business around or supplement one that you already have (value of $49)
  • My Personal On-page SEO Blueprint video course: In this course I lay the foundation for you to follow that will ensure you rank on page 1 of Google (This video course is a value $90)


Simply clear your cookies before you buy to ensure you purchase through my link and send me an email at [email protected] for your bonuses 🙂


Get your $1 trial of Kartra here:Kartra Review - Start Trial Now

The Kartra Platform




Ease Of Use


Speed To Learn




Customer Support



  • Easy To Navigate
  • Great User Interface
  • Fast To Learn
  • Saves Money
  • Everything In One Place


  • Time Transferring To A New Platform
  • Not For COMPLETE Newbies

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