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Recurro Review

Recurro Review:

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Welcome back to Important Dollar everybody! Your hub for internet marketing reviews and money making methods!

In this Recurro review, we have something really cool to talk about – recurring income. Passive recurring income at that!

Recurro is a brand new course designed to take you by the hand, no matter what level you are at, and teach you how to set up your building blocks to create a substantial recurring income from the comfort of your own home.

Anyone can do this method and I’ve gone through the entire Recurro process myself. At the end of the day it is not rocket science. All you have to do is apply yourself a little bit and take action (how many times have you heard that right?)

Well it really is dead simple, so let’s get into it shall we?

Recurro’s Creators

Recurro was created and brought to life by serial entrepreneurs Raj Sidhu, Mark Wightley, and Pallab Ghosal.

These are all very accomplished entrepreneurs with years of experience in the internet marketing industry and are people who I follow and keep my eye on. It’s mind boggling how much great content these guys put out and how often.

I’m always excited to review their products because I always take something away from it myself!



Recurro Review Pallab Ghosal
Pallab Ghosal


Recurro Review Raj Sidhu
Raj Sidhu
Recurro Review Mark Wightley
Mark Wightley

What Is Recurro?

Recurro is an all-inclusive course that teaches you how to set up your business with ease without the need of:

  • Having a list
  • Having a website
  • Using paid traffic
  • To be honest, not even free traffic
  • And absolutely no experience

I’ve had the pleasure of going through this training myself and it is ingenious how they meticulously plan the attack for almost instant income.

The thing that Recurro does great is take you away from the same shiny objects everyone is staring at, the same plan of attack, the same traffic sources, etc.. You don’t need any of it with this method.

Recurro Review Box Shot


Recurro is based around something that is almost not taught at all in the internet marketing community, and in my experience, the way it has been taught in the past pales in comparison to the amount of value brought forth in this course.

Not only does Recurro teach the techniques to you, but, it also gives you flexible options of which path you would like to take.

If one thing doesn’t work for you, or you find yourself not liking it very much, you can easily switch to another mode of attack. Everything is provided in a step by step fashion for you inside the Recurro system.

Recurro is based around the simple idea of… Solving problems people have! Mind blown!

But it won’t truly be blown until you see how it’s done and how easy it is.


Some Things To Note:

Recurro doesn’t require a starting budget. You could be a homeless person on the street who happens to have a laptop, go to a McDonalds for their WiFi and start making money today with this system.

Recurro claims you could work just 1 hour per day and get results. I’ve put this to the test creating a side gig around the Recurro system and, in fact, this is true. I made roughly $500 my first month out not even giving it the full 1 hour that it deserves.

I have other businesses I run and didn’t have the time I needed to really dedicate to Recurro, but, I will tell you this. Most of you are struggling just to make a dollar.

This system works and I would go past the 1 hour a day and build my lifestyle like a mad man, especially if I was still struggling to make money online.


This method is dead simple and it’s nearly impossible to fail to be honest with you. You are helping people with things they need to solve, the only person that is going to turn you down is yourself.

Write your paychecks starting today using the Recurro system and you will reap the rewards.

Another thing to note, Recurro is a step by step system with newbies in mind, but, built for everybody who cares about making money.

Recurro is not going to get saturated because you have the entire world at your fingertips in this system.

It’s only $7 to get started building your empire and finally making a difference for yourself and your family. A worthy investment in yourself couldn’t come cheaper.

My Experience Using Recurro


Recurro Review Hero


I used the Recurro system for just over 2 months now and was able to build up to $500 per month in recurring income after just 1 month – this was not even putting in the full hour per day.

I just got my second round of paychecks for another $500.

My chosen path in the Recurro system was using web hosting companies as my bait and money maker. I can’t really release too many details without divulging the system entirely. But you are basically going to be looking for opportunities to grab a client and seal the deal.

The client base is an endless opportunity of prospects. From local businesses, to national business, to foreign companies. Everyone needs something and all you are doing is matching them with their solution and taking home a recurring paycheck.

So that’s what I did, following the Recurro method, I sought out prospects using the free method they provide you with.

I talked to the customer like any regular human being, don’t be intimidated talking to people, anyone can do this.

I told the customer I could help them with their web hosting.

They agreed to sign up with me.

I gained a new client and recurring income on a monthly basis for the life of that clients business now.

Guys, I can’t stress this enough, if you are struggling doing Facebook ads, and Google Ads, and SEO, etc.. There’s a whole world of people just waiting for you to find them and all you gotta do to change your life is pick up a phone.

So what’s stopping you from changing your life? Watch some motivational YouTube videos and start building your life from the ground up right now.

As an added bonus if you get the Recurro system, I will personally guide and help you on Skype free of charge because I want you to succeed. I’ll even show you how I’m doing the Recurro method!

It’s not rocket science. All the resources are right in the course already.

Is Recurro Good & Worth The Money

Recurro Review Sales Snapshot


If you read everything I’ve gone through above, I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m in love with this method.

If I wasn’t already working on a thriving business and had more time, I’d be spending a lot more of that time building this up on the side.

That’s not to say I’m going to stop what I’ve already done, I mean I got the $500 with only 1 month of work and haven’t touched it since then. I’m gonna continue growing this little by little and see just how far I can take it. The image above is a snapshot of sales from the creator of this product, Raj Sidhu, who shortly after releasing this product in its beta testing phase quickly scaled his business to over $4k per month.

Look guys, if you are struggling still to make money online, if you feel almost like internet marketing is a scam, I feel you…

I was there at one point too before things started really clicking for me. The truth of the matter is, more than likely you are focusing your attention on things that just don’t work (or at least work as you’ve been learning it).

Give this method a shot and worst case scenario you just refund it. This method has the power to change the way you think about online business and your future and definitely the ability to make you the kind of money that you can drop your job like a bad habit.

Are There Any OTO’s / Upsells / Downsells?

OTO 1: DFY Package

You get a done for you recurring business where you can charge a monthly fee and keep 100% of the profits. You also get access to additional content each month, which you can use for your own membership program.

DS 1: Trial of DFY Package

OTO 2: Access To “Results With Raj” Newsletter

You get access to a monthly private & exclusive newsletter where legendary marketer Raj Sidhu  shares everything that brings in results. Case studies, news, what’s going on in his business, what’s working now, etc. This newsletter is all about getting you more results and giving you more methods based on REAL proven tactics.

OTO 3: Resell Rights To The Entire Recurro System

OTO 4: 60 Days 1-on-1 Coaching

My Custom Bonuses Worth $300+

Recurro Review Bing Ads Domination Bonus

When you purchase through my link below I will give you access to my custom bonuses worth over $300. You get access to:

  • Bing Ads Domination: My personal course that teaches you how to scale your recurring business with paid ads the smart way after you start bringing home some bacon.
  • List Building On Steroids: Teaches you how to build a list of prospects who haven’t bought and warm them up into paying customers on autopilot.
  • WP Commission Cloaker software: Protects your links so they can’t be sabotaged by anyone, this protects your income.
  • Free Traffic Frenzy: An entire course dedicated to other sources of traffic you could be using whenever you decide to expand further.
  • Access to me through Skype for help with the Recurro system to ensure you succeed.


Recurro Review Conclusion

Alright guys, that concludes my review on Recurro, I hope you all liked it and got something out of it. Recurro is an incredible product that got me results and I don’t consider myself anyone special. I just work hard.

Anyone can do this, even if you are brand new to this whole scene, Recurro’s system will make you money month after month and every time you build you just keep getting bigger paychecks.

The sky’s the limit. The only thing holding you back from your success is yourself.

As always, please hit the share button of your favorite social media below if you appreciate this review and/or liked it.

Also feel free to leave me a comment in the comments section below if you have any questions or need some help!

‘Til next time my fellow marketers. Get out there and kill it!



Ease Of Use




Customer Suport




Ease Of Implementation



  • Easy To Follow
  • Step By Step
  • Works Very Well
  • Results Fast
  • Great Support


  • None - This Method Is Awesome

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