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Reddule Review

Reddule Review:

What is Reddit? What is Reddule?

Today we’re going to go in-depth in this Reddule review and discover what you need to know about Reddule, the brand new Reddit marketing app that just came out.

Firstly, I’d like to say I’m a big fan of Reddit for marketing purposes as it is a major source of traffic. Reddit is commonly referred to as the front page of the internet.

Yes, there is Facebook and Facebook groups, the LinkedIn networks, the Google+ hangouts – nothing quite embraces the gist of what the internet is quite like Reddit.

That being said, Reddit is also very unforgiving if you come off like a leech just trying to milk people for their money. It’s easy to get blacklisted by entire subreddits and gain a negative reputation on Reddit if you aren’t careful and your value is shallow.

One of Reddule’s main purposes other than the software aspect of it is the course that is provided. It goes very in detail showing you the methods you need to understand for getting traffic out of Reddit without damaging your reputation.

To quickly sum up what Reddule actually is – it is a cloud-based software, it is a course, it is Reddit traffic sucking automation that gets leads straight from ‘the front page of the internet’.

Why is Reddit traffic important?

Reddit traffic is important because as an affiliate marketer, as an ecom entrepreneur, as a day-trader, as a product vendor, as a NASCAR driver, there is a place for you.

The entire goal of marketing is to have an offer and line it up with an audience that cares about it. What better place to turn to than Reddit? Endless, and I honestly mean ENDLESS niches, sub-niches, and micro-niches exist on Reddit and not only do they merely exist, they thrive!

Reddit is the place to be for discussions about your niche, to study your audience, to see what they talk about, to see how they interact with each other, discover their lingo, and integrate with and appear as one of them. All of this equals sales on demand.

Reddule Overview: Alright enough storytime, let’s get to the meat of the subject here in this Reddule review.

The Reddule Software:

Reddule is a cloud-based software and allows you to add as many Reddit ID’s to the software as you wish.

#1: Keyword Tracking Campaigns

The first major function of Reddule is its ability to create an automated campaign based on your chosen keywords. These campaigns will scan subreddits relevant to the keyword you choose and notify you when the best traffic opportunities are available to leave a comment and get traffic to your offer.

You can also set the tracking feature to focus on specific subreddits if you wish, toggle between exact match and phrase match, and whether or not you want to receive email alerts as well.


Reddule Review
Reddule Review – Keyword Tracking


#2: Create Your Own Posts

You can schedule posts right within the app that will be sent to specific subreddits you choose. Through the software, you can easily create regular text posts, link posts (posts that you share with the intention of sending the reader somewhere), and video posts for sharing any videos you’d like.

The video post option is especially awesome in my opinion, after playing with it a bit, I can see that it has a built-in option that discovers the best viral videos for you to share based on your target keyword.

On top of that, video marketing is still relatively unused as people often feel intimidated by it. Reddule gives you the power of video marketing with the right videos at the right time for maximum traffic and exposure.

This is the perfect feature to utilize and plant seeds in multiple subreddits at once.

#3: Reddule’s Idea Archive

This feature allows you to sort and save the best traffic getting viral ideas in your niche that are available on Reddit.

Reddule’s Idea Archive actually comes with its own Chrome plugin that, after installed, allows you to quickly save popular subreddits and threads directly to Reddule in just a click.

Another really cool feature in this section is the ability to build lists of proven viral text, link, and video post ideas when you are running short on your own ideas. The app does its thing in the background and quickly returns results of what your next posts should be about.

Reddule Review
Reddule Review – Idea Archive Chrome Plugin

#4: Research

If you get stuck wondering, “when’s the best time to post?”, “which are the best communities to post into?”, etc… Reddule’s got your back here too.

Reddule has an entire area dedicated to giving you data on ‘the best of’ pretty much everything here.

You have a subreddit discovery tool that will find you the perfect subreddits to join and market to.

You also have another feature that will analyze subreddits to return the best posting times for maximum exposure (and traffic) based on an accumulation of the average time people posted in each subreddit. Basically, this feature tells you when to post and not to post to get the best results based on actual data.

Reddule Review
Reddule Review – Research Tool

#5: Karma Analytics Dashboard:

Reddit marketing only works if you have Karma (which is like a vote of trust from other users).

With Reddule, you can easily keep track of your post and comment Karma and watch the growth or loss so you can focus on building your reputation more easily and see how effective your efforts are.

This is, in my opinion, one of the most awesome and most important features. Why? Because Karma is your online reputation on Reddit, and if you don’t have any reputation, you are gonna have one hell of a time trying to get sales or having any results from your marketing.

Definitely, utilize this feature.

Reddule Review
Reddule Review – Karma Tracking

The Reddule Course:

2 hours of in-depth Reddit marketing training gold. Hits the nail right on the head on each module and covers everything you could possibly need to know to siphon traffic from Reddit.

There are 9 modules in this course and it will cover everything from lead magnets, to community understanding, to reverse engineering traffic, to how to leverage your Karma (authority).

I’ve gone through a handful of Reddit training from low-ticket WSO’s and some premium training courses that cost a couple hundred bucks and taught how to market on Reddit, and I can tell you right now that you don’t need to spend a couple hundred bucks like I did to kill it on Reddit.

The course provided with the Reddule package is just as good if not better than the premium courses I’ve taken and it is in the package as just a support for the killer software.

Reddule Review
Reddule Review – Course List

My Experience With The Reddule Software:

I was lucky enough to get review access to Reddule and was able to play with it for a little less than a week. I want to go over what I liked and didnt like in this Reddule review.

Things I liked:

  • I love the easy navigation. It is super simple to switch to the area you need to get to and Reddule is very user-friendly which I appreciate
  • The features are great. What Reddule offers are very nice additions to anyone who utilize Reddit for traffic and make the entire process easier.
  • The Karma dashboard.. This thing kicks ass. I always forget to keep track of my Karma and this feature makes keeping track of it as simple as just taking a glance at where you left off.
  • The Idea Archive. This feature is pretty unique and actually gave me some pretty sweet results to use during my campaign. In fact, some of the results were so good and so targeted that I used them on my affiliate money site.
  • The research section. This tool saves SO much time. I’m just blown away by how accurate the suggestions are and couldn’t believe the difference in traffic I got for posting at the right time. Insane.
  • The tracking feature. Really works well and I love that it just emails me the results so I can quickly skim through the links it suggests to me and leave a useful reply to comments that get me traffic.
  • Last but not least, I like that the software actually works. I can’t stand when I’m working in a software that is buggy and unresponsive. Reddule actually works smoothly and effectively.

Things I didn’t like:

  • Some of the content in Reddule was misspelled. I’m kind of a grammar nazi and it just sticks out like a sore thumb to me.
  • That’s actually pretty much it.


Reddule Review
Reddule Review – Bad Spelling

Is Reddule Worth The Money?

If you are a Reddit marketer then I believe you can easily see the value in what Reddule can do. As a Reddit marketer myself, I am thoroughly impressed by the effectiveness of this tool and its time-saving ability.

I think most of all, I’m really just impressed that it works as good as it does.

So if you are serious about utilizing Reddit in your portfolio of traffic generating techniques, my answer is yes, you can’t go wrong with Reddule. It saves time, it makes you money, it actually does get you traffic.

On the other hand, if you are not a Reddit marketer, you probably don’t see the value in this as clearly as I do. You also probably do not really know how to navigate the pitfalls of Reddit marketing which is the damage you can do to your reputation from being shallow and going straight for the money.

The good news for new Reddit marketers is not only do you get software that makes your life a lot easier, you also get an entire course dedicated to teaching you exactly how to roam the world of Reddit while gaining reputation.

My Custom Bonus:

If you decide Reddule is right for you and buy through my link, I’m going to give you free access to my personal course I created that teaches a secret traffic technique to get ultra cheap buyer traffic to your offers instantly.

It’s called Bing Ads Domination and it’ worth $200 – it is my secret sauce that I throw on top of any traffic method I run that kick-starts the sales (and when you combine it with the Facebook pixel you launch like a rocket)

Anyway, it’s a step by step guide that is newbie friendly and by the time you finish it you will have the highest converting keywords for your niche that you can find for dirt cheap to kickstart your sales.

Bing Ads Domination
Bing Ads Domination

Are There Any OTO’s For Reddule?

FE (Front End):

Reddule Personal & Reddule Commercial:

Includes all features plus the ability to use Reddule for clients

OTO 1:

Reddule Platinum:

Includes more features for Reddule including an auto blog feature which integrates with Reddule and is a WP plugin. This plugin will find relevant posts in your chosen subreddit and create WordPress posts out of it for your blog automatically.

OTO 2:

Reddule Agency:

The reseller version of the app which allows you to sell Reddule as your own product to other people and also comes with training on getting clients.

OTO 3:

Viral Mobilio 2:

This is a cloud app that helps users run a referral campaign on social and mobile platforms. Very useful for sharing Reddit threads.

OTO 4:


Cloud app that produces viral video memes on Facebook and the ability to add your own captions to the top and bottom of your videos on social media.


Alright guys, to wrap this up, Reddule simply kicks ass and I’m trying to be as unbiased as possible. I love Reddit as a traffic source and this just makes my life so much easier.

Other than noticing some spelling mistakes, which is a little bit of a pet peeve of mine, it is completely trumped by the fact that this software actually works and works well.

Not only does the software work and saves me time in my Reddit marketing, but, it also comes with top-notch Reddit marketing training that is better than premium courses I have taken in the past.

Overall, If you could afford to invest in yourself for your business to save you time and market more efficiently, definitely get your hands on Reddule. I give it 2 thumbs way up 🙂




Ease Of Use




Customer Suport







  • Perfect Features For Reddit Marketing
  • Saves A Ton Of Time
  • Easy To Track Your Karma (Authority)
  • It Actually Gets Traffic & Works


  • Couple Spelling Errors
  • That's Basically It For Cons

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