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Rival Keywords Review

Rival Keywords Review:

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Alrighty guys, thanks for joining us for our Rival Keywords review! If you are new here, welcome to Important Dollar, your hub for internet marketing reviews and money making methods.

So this new keyword research tool is being released called “Rival Keywords” and it’s actually very unique so I’m excited to review it, talk about it, and explain how to use it.

This  tool is based around a form of keyword research that I don’t see really being taught by anyone and is super powerful. The whole idea is when you search for a keyword and you get your results in the SERPS, you get your list of competitors right? Well clicking through into one of your competitors articles, letting the page load, then pressing the back button onto the SERPS actually gives you the keywords people are typing to find that page (in other words, the keywords they are ranking for that are getting them traffic to these pages).

Completely awesome new method and gives you a major advantage because more than likely these people are ranking for those keywords solely based on LSI’s. If you optimize your page for those keywords specifically you could take their traffic!

What Is Rival Keywords?

Rival keywords is a software that scrapes google for your keywords using advanced parameters and returns you the exact keywords that your competitors are ranking for based on the keywords you input.

The method for scraping these keywords that this tool uses as I mentioned above is unique and no other tool returns these kinds of results.

You could, of course, do this manually (which would take a significant amount of time when you consider you have to let pages load and go back and forth), but this tool saves you hordes of time by doing all the heavy lifting for you.

At the push of a button you get a ridiculous amount of keywords that you could be ranking for that your competitors are actually ranking for and getting traffic with.

This is absolutely huge if you are doing SEO!


Because everyone and their mother knows the basic keyword research tactics of looking at Google suggestions on the bottom of the SERPS, or using generic keyword tools that find you very basic keywords.

This tool gives you keywords that most people are not optimized for and could bring you instant traffic in some cases.

About The Creator Of Rival Keywords

The person behind the scenes who made this software a possibility for all of us is the mad scientist of SEO Abbas Ravji.

Abbas is a lowkey SEO whose been quietly making money from Google for years and every once in a while we get to see some of the tricks he has up his sleeve.

Rival Keywords Review Abbas Ravji

How Does Rival Keywords Work?

Rival Keywords works in just a few simple steps:

Step 1: Open up the tool & Set your search parameters

If it sounds complicated, it’s not. The parameter is simply your competitors website. Let’s say your competitor is Neil Patel from neilpatel.com. Your parameter will be: “site:neilpatel.com” .. Easy peasy!

Rival Keywords Review Step 1

Step 2: Set how you want to save your keywords

Rival Keywords Review Step 2

Step 3: Set your threads to desired level & press start

“Threads” is kind of like saying how many instances of the bot you want to run at the same time. You can set it to “1” for less computer usage or a higher thread count for faster results from the software.

Rival Keywords Review Step 3

Step 4: All done!

At this point you have a list of all your competitors keywords they rank for and you can create content around the ones they are not optimized for and steal their traffic!

Rival Keywords Review Step 4


My Experience With Rival Keywords

Let me start by saying, I have many niche websites and it is a lot of work. If you want to stand a chance in google, you have to be consistent and be going after the correct keywords.

If you get basically anything wrong in the keyword research phase, you could easily sink 6 months of your time down the hole for no results at all. Fact.

I’ve been fortunate enough to get my hands on Rival Keywords earlier than its release date and had some time to test it out and I can give my testimony to the fact that this software is absolutely incredible.

Not only does it work, but I get keywords that actual people are searching for that regular keyword tools don’t reveal to you.

Equipped with this information, I’ve been going out there and creating content around these lesser competition keywords and stealing my competitors traffic with ease.

Here’s the twist that I wasn’t expecting though, now that I have optimized many pages of my niche sites for specific keywords that I got from this tool, I’m actually ranking for the keywords that i got my list of keywords from in the first place and I’m noticing the competitors rankings start to drop a bit.

This absolutely blows my mind, and as it turns out it is because the traffic that I am now getting is giving me tons of social signals and backlinks that I never had to build because my content is good and I’m slowly replacing my competitor!

TL;DR: This tool basically hands you free backlinks and social signals that allow you to replace your competitors in the SERPS.

Rival Keywords Review Competitor Keywords

Is Rival Keywords Good & Is It Worth The Money?

Short answer:

Hell to the freaking yes!

Longer answer:

If you value your time and effort, if you value using your energy wisely, if you want to get work done faster and more efficiently, you need to use Rival Keywords.

This tool will literally save you from months of frustration wondering where all the money is at.

It will stop you from doubting yourself when things get tough and you are getting tired of relentlessly pumping content out there.

You will start to get traffic faster than ever before and see results. These results will give you motivation to keep going and you will be more equipped than ever before to face your challenges and succeed in SEO for your niche sites, affiliate sites, CPA sites, or whatever you are trying to accomplish.

Yes, yes and yes! This tool works wonders and I can’t believe Abbas Ravji decided to give it away for such a low price honestly (especially after testing it out myself and witnessing first hand the power of this software)


Are there any OTO’s / Upsells / Downsells In Rival Keywords?

OTO 1: Rival Keywords Enterprise Edition

Has more features than the original edition, you get 2 additional search functions in the software which are called “Site Supreme” & “Turbo”. These 2 search functions reveal even the most hidden keywords your competitors rank for, they show you exactly how your competitors are ranking and optimizing for these keywords, will also show you the most valuable and related keywords used by your competitors.

You also get 3x more threads to use for faster results from the software

You get the ability to import and add your own parameters

You can control how many results the tool can populate (10k, 30k, 50k+)

Tutorials teaching you how to most effectively use the software

My Custom Bonuses Worth Over $300

If you pick up  Rival Keywords through my link below, I will give you access to my:

  • Personal course called Bing Ads Domination: This teaches you another form of keyword research that no one teaches in public that will help you skyrocket your ranking and also support your efforts with PPC.
  • List Build On Steroids course: Teaches you how to rapidly scale your business by building a list quickly and efficiently (which helps in getting instant traffic to new articles you create which equals more backlinks and more social signals)
  • 10x Commissions course: Shows you the best methods for squeezing the most commissions out of your online business efforts with minimal work.
  • WP Commission Cloaker software: Cloaks your links to protect against people sabotaging the link and cutting you out of the profit.


Rival Keywords Review Peace Out

Thanks for visiting us here at Important Dollar and I hope you enjoyed my review. As always, if you enjoyed the article and it helped you out at all please hit the share button of your favorite social media below. Leave us a comment if you have any questions or need some help!

Rival Keywords is a fantastic software that I’ve had the pleasure of using and testing out. I can tell you that it 100% works and has already made a massive difference in the amount of traffic I’m getting in just 2 short months.

I’ve been able to transform some of my underperforming pages into money magnets using this software and optimizing my pages around the keywords the tool provides me with.

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to save time, work smarter, make their SEO efforts easier, and ultimately make money online.

Don’t second guess yourself picking this software up as you will reap the benefits quickly and thank me for it later!

Rival Keywords


Ease Of Use




Customer Suport







  • Actually Works
  • Low Competition Keywords
  • Easy To Use
  • Tons Of Keywords
  • Awesome Features


  • None That I Can Think Of

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  1. Your comment about Abbas is totally right. I’ve purchased his products for years and are all good working products that I still use.

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