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Roofer Roundup Review

Roofer Roundup Review

Roofer Roundup Review: Intro

Welcome to my Roofer Roundup Review! I’m excited to review this product as I’ve recently grown a taste for offline marketing and see tons of potential with it. Roofer Roundup is all about offline marketing and teaching you how to break into the “roofing” niche with it.

Roofer Roundup was created by a few local marketing experts (Nick Ponte, Tom Gaddis, and Jeanne Kolenda) who put their knowledge together to bring us this training. I’m going to be diving into their training firsthand and giving you my impressions.

Roofer Roundup Review
Nick Ponte
Roofer Roundup Review
Tom Gaddis
Roofer Roundup Review
Jeanne Kolenda

Roofer Roundup Review: What Is Roofer Roundup?

Roofer Roundup is a complete business-in-a-box training that shows you from beginning to end, it shows you:

  • How to acknowledge an opportunity from the get-go
  • Teaches you how to prospect for roofers
  • How to piece all your findings together
  • What to do with your findings
  • How to setup your website
  • How to use the free theme they provide you with

Here’s an image of what it looks like when you get into your member’s area:

Roofer Roundup Review
Roofer Roundup Review

Roofer Roundup Review: Features & Modules

There are a total of 31 training videos from beginning to end. Starting out with the first module, you will learn why they chose the roofing niche specifically and why it will make you money.

Module 1: Opportunity

After going through the training, it really opened my eyes to how big this niche really is. I never really thought about the roofing niche as being a particularly profitable niche until listening to Jeanne Kolenda explain why you will make money going this route.

Her explanation is very straightforward and easy to understand. There aren’t a ton of uhh’s and umm’s which I hate because it makes me feel like the person doesn’t know what they are talking about.

Module 2: Prospecting Like A Pro

First thing they go into is prospecting, one of the biggest components you absolutely need to master if you want to be successful in offline marketing (or even online marketing for that matter). Jeanne goes into great detail explaining the different methods for generating leads and I really appreciate how simple she made it. Thumbs up on making a difficult aspect of marketing seem easy.

After the initial prospecting training, she goes into gathering your intel, angles to use for gaining trust, how to prospect with e-mail, how to make phone sales, and also how to prospect with direct direct mail.

Overall, I’ve been doing marketing for some time now and feel very comfortable with how I do it, but, I picked up a few golden nuggets that I could implement to make my sales and lead generation better.

Module 3: Putting It All Together

This module is really about teaching even more angles for getting your foot in the door with clients. If you’ve ever done sales, you know that you absolutely need to build trust, show prospects you know what you are talking about, and you definitely need to identify pain points. The better you get at those aspects of prospecting, the more clients you will land – simple as that.

Again, I was surprised to take home a few nuggets out of this training and it was a great experience. After walking you through the strategies, Jeanne shows you how you should be taking payments from your clients.

Module 4: Initial Theme Setup

An entire module dedicated to teaching you how to purchase a domain, choose a host and create your hosting account, update your DNS, and finally, install WordPress.

Very simple for me as I’ve done this a million times already, this is geared towards beginners who don’t know their way around basic website setup and WordPress installation already.

If you know how to setup a WordPress site you can save yourself some time and just skip this.

Module 5: DFY Roofing Website Theme Setup

Module 5 is a lot more in-depth and not as basic as the previous module, but again, if you know how to use WordPress you won’t even have to go through this training.

This module covers how to:

  • Install your roofing theme that is provided for you
  • How to import demo content into the theme
  • Tweaking settings
  • Editing pages
  • Adding menus
  • Creating your lead form
  • Adding social media icons
  • Creating and updating a blog section


Roofer Roundup Review: Is It Worth The Money?

After going through the content, I learned quite a lot that I was able to apply to my own business (although I don’t focus primarily on the offline market). Specifically, the prospecting training was superb and I felt very happy with the training they provided.

Also, after going through the training, it actually pumped me up to utilize this method and build out my own roofing lead-gen website.

Roofer Roundup Review
Roofer Roundup Review

Things I would like to mention:

  • The prospecting training alone is awesome
  • You get a free theme to use for your website that is tailored to roofers
  • The niche is practically untouched and it is ripe for the picking

My answer to this question is, absolutely yes it is worth the money. It is in-depth, it is no fluff, it is step-by-step, and it is easy to implement if you know how to listen.

Roofer Roundup Review: OTO’s/Upsells

OTO 1: Sales/Marketing Pack

This a completely done for you pack of sales and marketing content that is ready for immediate use in your sales and marketing strategies

Roofer Roundup Review: My $350 Of Custom Bonuses

If you order through my exclusive link, you will also get access to my personal custom bonuses that compliment this product perfectly and will help take the great training you already get to the next level.

You get my:

  • Personal Small Business Marketing Blueprint – Use the techniques I provide in this course as an upsell after securing your roofing clients (value of $100)
  • How To Create Your Empire Audio Collection – I go over everything you need to know to build your empire in offline marketing and ramping up your lead generating abilities (value of $150)
  • Master Lead Generating YouTube Videos Course – Learn how to stamp your videos onto page 1 of YouTube for good and generate leads like fire (value of $100)

Roofer Roundup Review: Conclusion

Now that I’ve gone through everything you need to know before making your final decision on whether or not you want to pick up this course, I’d like to summarize my final thoughts.

Firstly, is this course an all-inclusive know-all-be-all of offline marketing? Not by a long shot.

What this course is – it’s a specified business in a box that teaches you the fundamentals of all the moving parts you need to have in place to make things work in offline marketing (working with local businesses).

Secondly, yes with the content provided in this training you could absolutely implement it with no prior knowledge and make a lot of money (as long as you have the drive to implement what you learn).

Finally, offline marketing is a goldmine to take advantage of today as everyone is so focused on online properties – the offline niche is just an easy foot in the door to making money online. You could use this same training to target other occupations besides roofers as you begin to scale.

With that being said, slam dunk for the creators of Roofer Roundup. Job well done and they definitely receive my stamp of approvall. I highly recommend this training for anyone interested in breaking into the offline niche.

Click below to pickup Roofer Roundup through my exclusive link and claim my $350 of bonuses! Simply e-mail me your receipt at lou[at]importantdollar.com to claim your bonuses.

Thanks for reading, and see ya next time! Good luck!

Roofer Roundup Review


In-Depth Training


Value For Price


Ease Of Implementation




Customer Support



  • Easy To Follow
  • Lots Of Content For Cheap
  • Free Theme
  • Great Training
  • Awesome Support Team


  • Would Have Liked Even More Strategy Videos

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